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Hazing and collage are two things that are intricately linked. New members of a sorority have to display their level loyalty and dedication to their new housemates. The things that new pledges are made to endure can seem extreme at times. Haze Her is where you can watch various sexual challenges incorporated into the hazing process, making the material very unique and entertaining.

Although the material on this site might look like it is too sexually extreme, everything is consensual and very legal. The type of entertainment value that HazeHer offers new members is realistic, and yet you have to remember that it’s basically all for show. The kinky young pledges seem to enjoy the sexual distress from their superiors, while the “mean” older gals love to dish out some nasty hazing.

There are very few people who do not consider young sorority gals sexy. The coeds are full of life and energy and their libido is simply off the charts. The soft skin beauties have taunt little bottoms that just beacon for a hard pounding from a hard paddle or from some huge sexual toys. Haze Her is all about offering the gals equal opportunity to display their “inner sex freak,” meaning, you will find familiar pornstar faces going toe-to-toe with fresh new coeds. Ordinary boy-gal porn can become a bit tedious after you have watched the same scenes repeatedly. Fortunately, this is not something that HazeHer suffers from.

The 30-minute long movie scenes are high quality pieces of invigorating sorority porn. Mp4 and wmv formats that can be downloaded or streamed are available. With 50+ videos in HD quality, you will be able to witness the new coeds being put through various ordeals that will leave you with a massive hard-on. The picture gallery has 50+ original photo sets with a set having an impressive 500 pictures. The photos are High Res plus you can use the ZIP file available to download them. The variety of content you will find includes pussy play, sucking and licking, strap ons, toy play, ass and pussy penetrations, etc.

Navigation features include keyword tags, rating of scenes, and members can leave comments. Granted that this site may not have copious amounts of material, and that updates take two weeks, you still have enough material to watch and enjoy. Haze Her is growing with more sisters being sexually humiliated and dominated by their fellow coeds. Haze Her has enough positive aspects to warrant your serious consideration. If “hazing coed porn” is something you have yet to experience, check out HazeHer.